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An invitation from the GLBT Community in the Catskills 

Annual Summary

GALA Catskills/ Day to Be Gay Foundation had a very busy and successful 2014 spring and fall.  We increased our visibility in the community and this has benefited us in terms of increased donations and the ability to fund upcoming programs for the 2014-2015 year.

·         In April, 2014 we initiated an awards ceremony in which we recognized community leaders who have been advocates for the LGBTQ community.  This year we honored our NY representative Aileen Gunther for her support of same-sex marriage and Jeff Spitz who administers the Gays of Sullivan website.

·         In July we were pleased to hold our annual Day to Be Gay Festival and Sullivan Gay Pride event at the pavilion of the Fat Lady Café.  It was a great day for all who attended.

·         We started a Friday afternoon get together that we called Second Fridays [patterned after UDGLBT in Milford, PA] and held on the second Friday of July, August and September.  We appreciate Henning’s Local, North Branch Inn and the Catskill Distillery for hosting this event.  This is an opportunity for people to network and meet new people.  We will continue this during the summer months next year.

·         GALA also cosponsored several other community fund raising events with other non-profit organizations in this area.  This included working with our local NPR station, WJFF in Jeffersonville, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg and the Forestburgh Playhouse.

·         The board of directors of GALA will be increasing in size with the addition of 3-5 new members.  This will increase our board to 7-9 people.  We regretted saying good-bye to Norman Duttweiler who served on our board for 4 years.  We wish Norman and his husband Ron all the best in their permanent move to New Mexico.  Please return to our website in the next month to learn more about our newest board members.

·         On October 22, 2014 GALA is cosponsoring an important training program presented by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) for Sullivan County teachers, social workers, nurses and counselors for both junior high and high school.  GLSEN will provide an overview of available national programs that have been successful in decreasing bullying of LGBTQ students.  GALA will follow up by providing financial support to local schools who initiate or expand existing GLSEN programs.  Our goal is to identify GLSEN sponsors in each of the county schools.

·         For the upcoming winter months, we are planning to form a dinner club for LGBT adults who live in this area full time.  Winter can be a period of isolation for many individuals who live here and periodic dinners will give people a chance to socialize and network.

Please visit our website periodically to find out about upcoming events, board and policy changes and other announcements.  We will also keep in touch with you through Facebook.  On behave of the board of directors, we thank you again for all of your support during this past year.


Jim Lomax, President

Our Mission

The mission of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Catskills (GALA) is to harness the resources of the GLBT community and the good will of its friends and supporters in the region to engage in an array of philanthropic activities that include public information, cultural support, fund raising, and grant making to other non-profit and community organizations.